Small Groups

Midweek Services from February 21st to March 20th will not be held at Mt. Zion; instead, there will be multiple groups meeting and studying through 2 Timothy in the homes of several of our members. If you want information about attending a small group, please contact the church office.

What We’re Studying

We will be studying through 2 Timothy using 1 & 2 Timothy: Encouragement for Church Leaders, a Bible Study curriculum written by John MacArthur as an aid. The church has already purchased a number of these books for you to use and have; therefore, please Do Not buy copies for yourself or your group Contact the church office and we will get you the material you need.


While we encourage you to do live music together with your small group, if you don’t have someone musically inclined to lead music in your group, singing with lyric videos can be an excellent substitute. Below, you will find links to Youtube lyric videos of vetted songs for you to use in your Small Group.

Start around 1:17 to skip the prolonged intro.