On Cultural Marxism, CRT/I, and The Southern Baptist Convention

A “Trojan Horse” has been rolled into the church, carrying within its belly a deadly ideology. As time goes on, we see the devastating effects of this ideology on Biblical Christianity and The Gospel. The Church now stands at a crossroads, do we fight against the insidious enemy philosophies or do we passively be overcome? Do we stand on Biblical Truth or do we flee?

Cultural Marxism and the resulting Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality are godless ideologies that utilize a worldview centered on power-structures which stands in direct opposition to a Biblical worldview.

Believing in CRT/I and/or aspects of them including systemic racism and standpoint epistemology changes one’s interpretation of the Scripture and one’s dependency upon it. For this reason, Mt. Zion has dedicated time to learn about these godless worldviews and present what we have learned on this page.

You can learn more about these empty philosophies below:

Recent Updates:

Links to articles on the events mentioned can be found by clicking on the date at the end. Don’t take our word for it. If you are concerned, follow the links to research further on the issue.

For a better understanding of some of the many issues handled at the SBC Annual Meeting in Anaheim California (June 2022), see the following reviews: The Liberal Drift Of the SBC by Gabriel Hughes (Part 1; Part 2);

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS) under federal investigation related to mishandling of rape allegations; liberal pastor David Bumgardner blows whistle on SWBTS (8/23/22)

President of SBC, Bart Barber, excuses public sin of friend, Todd Benkert, to maintain Benkert’s position on the Sexual Abuse Task Force (8/20/22)

Female Pastoral Ministry graduate, Erin Harding, from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS) praised by President Danny Akin; shortly after Harding affirms transgenderism (8/20/22)

North American Mission Board (NAMB) continues to partner with SBC church that supports and brags about LGBTQIA+ members (08/17/22)

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Our Video Series - Wednesday Night

On Cultural Marxism (Part 2) – Definitions; Ideology As A Trojan Horse
On Cultural Marxism (Part 3) – Definitions; Black Lives Matter As A Religion
On Cultural Marxism (Part 4) – The Invasion Of Syncretism In The SBC
On Cultural Marxism (Part 5) – Responding To Those In Error


Marxism – the economic system which divides the whole world into two economic groups – bourgeois (“the haves”) and proletariats(“the have nots”); Karl Marx (1818-1883).
Cultural Marxism – A distinct adaptation of Marxism into the cultural realm; Antonio Gramsci (1891-1937).
Critical Theory (CT) – A philosophical approach to re-analyzing, critiquing, and reframing history, culture, etc. with the purpose of identifying and challenging power structures.
Critical Race Theory (CRT) – The use of CT in analyzing ethnicity. Utilizes categories of “oppressed” and “oppressor” based on someone’s “race” which is most often associated with ethnicity or skin color.
Hegemony – “Domination or rule maintained through ideological or cultural means; usually achieved through social institutions which allow those in power to strongly influence the values, norms, ideas, expectations, worldview and behavior of the rest of society.” (Example: in the USA the cultural hegemony is the group of White, Male, Cisgender, Heterosexual, Able-bodied, Native born Americans).
Intersectionality – the interconnected nature of social categorizations such as ethnicity, class, sex, and gender as they apply to a given individual or group, regarded as creating overlapping and interdependent systems/intersections of discrimination or disadvantage. Intersectionality is the tool to determine who the oppressed and oppressors are.
White Privilege – The privilege, known or unknown, that a person experiences because their “race” (most often associated with skin color) is associated with and benefits from the hegemony.
Systemic Racism – (institutional or structural racism) a form of racism that is embedded as normal practice within society or an organization. The responsibility of racism is removed from the individual and placed upon the society as racism can exist and continue without individual racists being present.
Multiculturalism – the presence of, or support for the presence of, several distinct cultural or ethnic groups within a society, organization, or group.
Social Justice – “Deconstructing traditional systems and structures deemed to be oppressive and redistributing power and resources from oppressors to their victims in the pursuit of equality of outcome.”
Standpoint Epistemology – One accesses and knows truth (epistemology) based primarily on their position in relation to the subject. This means that some people are inherently able to know more truth or understand truth better based on a quality about them such as ethnicity, gender, sexuality, etc.
Whiteness – Either a state of skin color or state of thought that is in line with the hegemony. Ethnically Black persons can be considered white if they disagree with CRT/I.
Antiracism – It is not enough for “white” people to “not be racist” in their active deeds (i.e. through purposeful oppression, thoughts, etc.), but, due to the existence of the hegemony and consequently systemic racism, “white” people MUST actively fight against racism, intentional and systemic.
Patriarchy – the hegemonic power as it relates to sex / gender. Namely that system established by men, active and prevalent in society, which oppresses and holds women down.
Antifa – (“Anti-Fascism”), “a political protest movement comprising autonomous groups affiliated by their militant opposition to fascism and other forms of extreme right-wing ideology.” Fascism is often defined within the group not by its historical definition but by any leadership which looks like the hegemony or supports conservative values.
Black Lives Matter (Phrase) – A phrase that is grounded in the assumption that systemic racism exists and consequently black people do not presently matter. The phrase is meant to communicate that “all lives matter,” but “all lives matter” cannot be spoken truthfully until “black lives matter.” Black lives cannot matter until systemic oppression/racism no longer exists. Systemic racism does not end until the hegemony is overthrown and eliminated.
Black Lives Matter (Movement) – The movement to achieve the overthrow of the hegemony with the end goal of black lives mattering. Their goal’s and foundational pillars stand in direct opposition to the Christian worldview. The movement itself is one that seeks to destroy the nuclear family, tear down the hegemony, celebrate LGBTQIA+ communities, raise children communally rather than in the home, further support of abortion, etc. One needs only visit www.blacklivesmatter.com to see for themselves.
Syncretism – The attempted marriage of different religions, cultures, worldviews, or schools of thought. Attempting to do so loses both, creating something new and inconsistent. A prime example would be the attempt to wed BLM and Christianity, losing both worldviews in the process. “No one can serve two masters…” (Mt 6:24)
Liberation Theology – A theological system created in the 1960s which focuses its attention on the liberation of the poor and oppressed from the oppressive systems at hand. Liberation Theology (LT) seems to differ from Syncretistic CRT theology (SCRTT) in that LT seems to have more salvific implications in the social and political work achieved. SCRTT seems to consider the work not as salvific but as a necessary outworking of the real and true Christian. Both see themselves as a return to the early church, the differences in how are somewhat nuanced. Though the two godless ideologies are different, they are close cousins.

*Definitions arrived at through the help of resources provided by Scott David Allen, Voddie Baucham, Jon Harris, Owen Strachan, and others. Some definitions are directly from those individuals, others are arrived at through their help.

Updates On The SBC

Links to articles on the events mentioned can be found by clicking on the date at the end. Don’t take our word for it. If you are concerned, follow the links to research further on the issue.

For a better understanding of some of the many issues handled at the SBC Annual Meeting in Anaheim California (June 2022), see the following reviews: The Liberal Drift Of the SBC by Gabriel Hughes (Part 1; Part 2);

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS) under federal investigation related to mishandling of rape allegations; liberal pastor David Bumgardner blows whistle on SWBTS (8/23/22)

President of SBC, Bart Barber, excuses public sin of friend, Todd Benkert, to maintain Benkert’s position on the Sexual Abuse Task Force (8/20/22)

Female Pastoral Ministry graduate, Erin Harding, from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS) praised by President Danny Akin; shortly after Harding affirms transgenderism (8/20/22)

North American Mission Board (NAMB) continues to partner with SBC church that supports and brags about LGBTQIA+ members (08/17/22)

SBC under federal investigation by Department of Justice (DOJ); likely related to sex abuse task scandal (8/12/22)

Former Conservative Professor at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Bobby Lopez, claims SWBTS “mistreat[s] their employees and then pretend[s] that God won’t care or notice” (8/1/22)

Conservative statement released by Albert Mohler (Pres. SBTS) and others about the clarity of the term “pastor” as presented in the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 (BFM2000) (7/29/22)

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS) fires another conservative professor, David Allen; Allen hired by Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary (MABTS) (7/28/22)

Motion at the SBCAM to abolish the Ethics And Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) fails (6/15/22)

Saddleback Church’s pastor, Rick Warren given unlimited time to defend ordination of women pastors; preaches about himself from the floor of the SBCAM (6/14/22)

INVESTIGATION ARTICLE: Southern Baptists’ #MeToo Moment by Megan Basham (6/14/22)

SBC Annual Meeting (SBCAM) gathered together in Anaheim California (6/13/22)

The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) signs letter encouraging lawmakers in Louisiana to kill an anti-abortion bill; Abortion remains legal in LA (5/13/22)

EXCLUSIVE ARTICLE: Southern Baptists Nominate Tom Ascol, Voddie Baucham To Leadership To Combat Woke Drift In Largest Protestant Denomination by Megan Basham (3/22/22)

The Ethics And Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) of the SBC hosts an online event on “Pursuing unity” and “reconciliation;” implies racial reconciliation requires “actions” beyond salvation in Christ (2/23/22)

Despite calls for “transparency” against conservatives, liberal-run Executive Committee (EC) quietly signs a financial settlement with an alleged “sexual abuse survivor” who was “abused” by a professor of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (2/22/22)

North American Mission Board (NAMB) agrees to “not withhold any discovery” as defamation lawsuit submitted by Will McRaney continues in McRaney’s favor (2/10/22)

Co-Executive Director from NAMB’s SEND Institute claims he’s writing a document arguing that church autonomy “is a tradition,” unbiblical, and “an overreaction,” while arguing for a top-down style of leadership (2/4/22)

North American Mission Board (NAMB)’s SEND Network names Vance Pitman, who adheres to CRT conclusions like “white privilege,” as President (2/1/22)

OPINION ARTICLE: How The Federal Government Used Evangelical Leaders To Spread Covid Propaganda To Churches by Megan Basham (2/1/2022)

Conservative Baptist Network (CBN), who is attempting to reform the SBC from within, names Voddie Baucham to the steering council (1/10/22)

McLean Bible Church, led by David Platt (former Pres. of IMB), releases video claiming that Jesus experienced body dysmorphia, affirming transgenderism (1/5/22)

Ed Litton‘s (Pres., SBC) plagiarism scandal brought back into spotlight by Gabriel Hughes (WWUTT; FBC Lindale, TX); Litton remains unrepentant and unaddressed by SBC “leaders” (12/18/21)

James Merritt (Former SBC Pres., 2000, 2001) resigns from professor position at SEBTS amid concerns from conservatives about his support of his homosexual son’s preaching and a possible history of racial jokes; remains unrepentant (11/30/2021)

The Salvation Army publishes then removes from their website a document calling individuals to “lament…[and] acknowledge the Church’s complicity with racism and discrimination (past and present) and engage in confession and lament of our shortcomings, both personal and corporate, for not actively fighting against racism” (11/28/2021)

Conservative Baptist Network calls for prayer over and attention to the situation involving James Merritt (11/23/2021)

James Merritt (Former SBC Pres., 2000, 2001), who served as the Resolutions Committee chairman in Nashville 2021, promotes openly homosexual son’s sermon saying “It is both brilliant and faithful to the gospel” (11/21/2021)

Adam Greenway (Pres., SWBTS) publicly condemns Michael Spradlin (Pres., MABTS) for hosting a showing of the documentary Enemies Within the Church, citing “scandalous and scurrilous slander against” Southwestern Seminary in the documentary (11/17/2021)

Enemies Within the Church documentary released, showing corruption and theological issues within the SBC and SBC seminaries (11/17/2021)

Tennessee Baptist Convention passes resolution condemning plagiarism, with Ed Litton (Pres., SBC) in view (11/17/2021)

SBC Celebrity Pastors David Platt (Former Pres., IMB) and Derwin Gray announced to speak at conference hosted and produced by a pro-LGBTQIA+ group in 2022 (11/17/2021)

Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) leader and SBC pastor, Jay Adkins, suggests Paul’s words are not as authoritative as Jesus’; implies possibility of women pastors (11/9/2021)

Matt Chandler (Pres., Acts 29 Church Planting) joins controversial speakers for the 2022 IF Gathering Conference (11/1/2021)

Missouri Baptist Convention (MBC) rejects anti-CRT resolution, stifles issue dealing with women pastors and the BFM2000, pushes diversity training in MBC churches, and votes down motion for independent investigation into the MBC’s handling of sexual abuse in MBC churches (10/26/2021)

Dhati Lewis (Pres., Send Network of NAMB), after NAMB’s official statement on women pastors, joins evangelism conference with women pastors (11/20/2021)

Ronnie Floyd (Pres. and CEO of EC) resigns, saying due to his personal integrity “I will not and cannot any longer fulfill the duties placed upon me as the leader of the executive, fiscal, and fiduciary entity of the SBC” (10/15/2021)

North American Mission Board (NAMB) speaks up after long-running controversy over NAMB-supported churches with women pastors. NAMB affirms BFM2000 on women “pastors,” saying that they will not support financially churches who have women with either title or function of pastor (10/14/2021)

Southern Baptist Convention‘s long-time lawyers cut ties over the EC’s decision to waive client-attorney privilege, which caused the relationship between the firm and the SBC to be “an alien environment.” (10/11/2021)

Russell Fuller (Former Prof. SBTS) predicts the end of the Southern Baptist Convention, in part, due to the Guidepost investigation and waiving of client-attorney privilege (10/07/2021) Update

SBC Executive Committee (EC), in the wake of more members resigning, votes to waive client-attorney privilege in the #ChurchToo sex abuse investigation (10/05/2021)

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS) alumni details experience at the seminary around Critical Race Theory and Feminism (10/5/2021)

Ed Litton (Pres. SBC) hosts “Shrink the Divide” event at his church featuring Catholic priests, pro-homosexual pastors, and women “pastors” from The Pledge Group (10/04/2021)

SBC Executive Committee (EC) member and steering council member of the Conservative Baptist Network (CBN), Rod Martin, sheds light on what is happening within the EC involving deliberations around how to handle the Guidepost Solutions investigation; Martin says “important detail [about negotiations] has not been widely reported” (9/29/2021)

SBC Executive Committee member resigns over “denominational-wide corruption,” concerns for motives of SBC elite; reveals potential legal issues ahead for SBC entities and individual volunteers. (9/29/2021)

Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) trustee ‘whisteblower,’ Jonathan Whitehead, claims Russell Moore (former Pres., ERLC) and David Prince (Chairman, ERLC) actively concealed info to be used “for political ends,” which resulted in admitted plagiarist Ed Litton being elected as SBC president (9/27/2021)

Kenwood Baptist Church Elders, including Denny Burk (Prof., SBTS) and Jim Hamilton (Prof., SBTS), release letter calling for the resignation of Ed Litton (Pres., SBC) (9/2021)

SBC Resolutions Committee Member, Bart Barber, defends Ed Litton’s (Pres., SBC) plagiarism by saying Biblical authors “plagiarized as God inspired” them to do (9/20/2021)

Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) accepts grant from Facebook to do research, answering questions including “What is the proper role of government in digital governance?” for Southern Baptists and to “research…the control and spread of ‘misinformation‘” (9/18/2021)

Adam Greenway (Pres., SWBTS) hosts Ed Litton (Pres., SBC) at SWBTS. Litton claims he didn’t plagiarize but rather has extraordinary memory that demands fasting from listening to others’ sermons, saying “it turns out I have a capacity to remember statements that are made in an audible sermon that I hear. It’s a little too good and sometimes it gets mixed up;” Litton positions self as victim. (9/14/2021)

Conservatives call for Kevin Ezell (Pres., NAMB) and leaders of the North American Mission Board to resign amidst more evidence of NAMB using Cooperative Program (CP) funds to plant churches with women pastors and co-pastors (8/6/2021)

Voddie Baucham‘s book Fault Lines defended by him, his publisher, and others against plagiarism and fake quotations claims (8/2021)

Voddie Baucham, author of Fault Lines and critic of CRT, accused of “fake quotations and plagiarism” by Social Justice advocate and author Joel Mcdurmon (7/30/2021)

David Platt (Former Pres., IMB) and McClean Bible Church experience controversy and a lawsuit over potential abuse of power by Platt and church members’ resistance to CRT-friendly teaching (7/5, 7/7 , 7/11, 7/14 7/16, 7/20 , 7/21 ,7/23, 7/28, 7/29, 7/30)

Jared C. Wilson, employee of Midwestern (MBTS) and author of For The Church blog, named as former contributor to Docent Research Group; claims he did not write sermons for others and “never facilitated plagiarism” (7/19/2021)

Docent Research Group, used by “woke” pastors like Matt Chandler, J.D. Greear, Tim Keller, and others for consultation, creation of application/illustration, and sermon-writing, discovered to have political leftists on staff (7/19/2021)

Ed Litton (Pres., SBC) discovered to have plagiarized a Tim Keller Sermon and co-preached it with his wife in 2012 (7/12/2021)

Conservative Baptist Network prepares to run candidate against “admitted plagiarist” and “woke” SBC president Ed Litton in Anaheim, CA 2022 (7/7/2021)

SermonGate reveals cancerous state of the Southern Baptist Convention’s leadership as JD Greear (Former Pres., SBC) found to have purchased the plagiarized (by Ed Litton, Pres., SBC and others) sermon series from Docent Research Group to help him “look so good”; Docent scrubs information tying Greear to them; SBC and former-SBC members jump to the defense of Litton and Greear (7/5/2021)

Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (MBTS) professor speaks out in defense of Charles Spurgeon; claims “Spurgeon repudiated plagiarism;” Jason Allen (Pres., MBTS) shares article and condemns plagiarism in the pulpit (7/5/2021)

Ed Litton (Pres., SBC) under fire as “SermonGate” unfolds – Litton accused of plagiarizing JD Greear’s (Former Pres., SBC) sermon (6/26/21), Greear responds (6/26/21); Litton responds (6/26/21); More plagiarism revealed (6/29/21) – Past and Present; Redemption church responds to removing or privatizing over one hundred sermons by Ed Litton giving different reasoning than Litton gave to the press (6/29/21); Seemingly Ed Litton has been plagiarizing JD Greear since at least 2015 (7/3/2021)

J.D. Greear‘s (Former Pres., SBC) SBC Presidential Sermon draws critique from conservative pastor, Gabriel Hughes – Part 1, Part 2 (7/2/2021)

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS) professor seeks to justify Ed Litton’s plagiarism by making large claims about heroes of the faith like Charles Spurgeon; Danny Akin (Pres., SEBTS) agrees and shares post (7/1/2021)

North American Mission Board’s (NAMB) request for the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) to drop case rejected; Will McRaney (Former Executive Director of the Baptist Convention of Maryland and Delaware) who is bringing the lawsuit against NAMB says “today is a win for all Southern Baptists” (6/28/2021)

Helpful Reviews of the SBC Annual Meeting 2021: Article from The Federalist, Video from Founders’ Ministries, Video “Rod Martin on the State of the SBC,” and Video “Russell Fuller on the State of the SBC.”

Ed Litton‘s (Pres., SBC) Church Doctrinal Statement revealed to contain Trinitarian Heresy of Partialism; statement instantly scrubbed from website (6/16/2021)

Resolutions committee releases weak resolutions on abortion, sexuality, and godless ideologies; Resolution 2 vaguely affirms the Sufficiency of Scripture while refusing to acknowledge Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality, by name, as problematic; “Woke” pastor Dwight McKissic agrees with resolution 2 (6/16/2021)

Ed Litton, Pastor of Redemption Church, elected President of SBC. Liberal Main-Stream Media labels Litton as “Moderate” preventing “ultra-conservative” takeover of SBC (6/16/2021)

Randy Adams (Candidate for SBC-President) releases “SBC News” with “shocking” information about the SBC and distributes in Nashville; Adams receives pushback from Baptist Press which is criticized in the newspaper (6/14/2021)

North American Mission Board (NAMB) replaces traditional Pastors’ Conference with NAMB Pre-conference and training for church planters; reportedly pays for travel of church planters to come to the convention “to get enough votes to secure the presidency for Ed Litton” whose wife is an employee of NAMB (6/12/2021)

Self-proclaimed “whistleblower” releases edited audio clips from private meetings; attempts to confirm claims of Russell Moore (Former Pres., ERLC); Edited audio does not match up with claimed context (6/10/2021)

Mike Stone (Candidate for SBC-President) responds to allegations from Russell Moore letters – (Response to First Letter), (Response to Second Letter)

Either Russell Moore (Former Pres., ERLC) or J.D. Greear (SBC President) leak second letter to Twitter; claims “blatant, gutter-level racism” expressed “behind closed doors” of SBC and claims Mike Stone and the Executive Committee (EC) mishandled abuse accusations within the SBC (6/2021)

Russell Moore’s (Former Pres., ERLC) letter to Executive Committee of Trustees of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) leaked to Religion News; Board of Trustees see letter for the first time along with rest of the world (6/2/2021)

North American Mission Board (NAMB) “whistleblower” reveals emails from Dhati Lewis (Pres., Send Network of NAMB) and training curriculum for church planters; claims “Downgrade” of theology at NAMB (5/26/2021)

Ed Litton (Candidate for SBC-President) revealed to have had wife preach at his church, demonstrating a failure to follow the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 doctrinal statement (5/25/2021)

Russell Moore (Former Pres., ERLC) leaves Ethics And Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) to positions at Christianity Today (CT) and a non-SBC church (5/19/2021)

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS) and North American Mission Board (NAMB) teamed up financially, using Cooperative Program dollars, to put on an event promoting Ed Litton as President of the SBC (4/29/2021)

Executive Committee (EC) releases findings of task force set to investigate if the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) has been a source of tension within the SBC (3/19/2021)

Beth Moore, prominent Bible study curriculum writer/teacher, severs ties with Lifeway and SBC; claims “some of the things in our heritage… haven’t remained in the past” implying racism within SBC. (3/9/2021)

Some SBC Seminary Students write statement on behalf of all students claiming orthodoxy of professors, criticizing Council of Seminary Presidents’ statement, and affirming usefulness of CRT and SBC19 Resolution 9. (2/22/2021)

Dwight McKissic, well-known black SBC pastor who has threatened to leave SBC, receives racist letter from liberal former-sbc member; McKissic implies many in SBC still hold to racist views. (2/3/2021)

North American Mission Board (NAMB) discovered to have funded and planted a church with a woman as a “pastor,” contrary to the Baptist Faith And Message 2000 (1/26/2021)

Tom Buck (FBC Lindale, TX), conservative anti-crt pastor, compares VP Kamala Harris to Jezebel; criticized by Danny Akin (Pres. SEBTS), J.D. Greear (Pres. SBC), and others; McKissic and others call for SBC discipline of FBC Lindale: potentially to lose messengers’ rights to SBC annual meeting 2021. (1/22/2021)

Lifeway (SBC Publishing arm) could face legal challenges for breaking SBC bylaws; Book deals, speaking engagements, etc. to trustees of lifeway (1/14/2021)

Ronnie Floyd (Pres., Executive Committee) calls meeting. Council of Seminary Presidents, J.D. Greear (Pres., SBC), and National African American Fellowship (NAAF) meet to discuss CRT and recent Council statement (1/8/2021)

Several Black Pastors leave SBC and/or state conventions including John Onwuchekwa (Cornerstone Church, Atlanta, GA), Dwight McKissic (Cornerstone Baptist Church, Arlington, TX), Ralph West (The Church Without Walls, Houston, TX), and Charlie Dates (Progressive Baptist Church, Chicago, IL). (1/2021)

Adam Greenway, SWBTS President, partially walks back Council Of Seminary Presidents’ statement against CRT, affirms systemic racism. (12/22/2020)

“A Statement on Justice, Repentance, and the SBC” releases, calling all SBC members to repentance for not believing in and addressing “systemic injustice;” involves threats to leave SBC (12/18/2020)

Council of Seminary Presidents releases statement affirming BFM2000 and calling CRT incompatible (11/30/2020)

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS) Trustee Speaks Out about leadership problems at the seminary (11/19/2020)

International Mission Board email leaked with “woke” language including “unconscious bias training” for incoming missionaries (11/16/2020)

Georgia Baptist Mission Board passes resolution disavowing SBC resolution 9 from 2019 national convention (11/9/2020)

Petition to forensic audit Lifeway and North American Mission Board (NAMB) created; concern over SBC NAMB funds being used for personal use (10/12/2020)

Lifeway releases article encouraging parents to “Help the Next Generation Value Racial Diversity in God’s Kingdom” through a unique version of ABCs. (7/10/2020)

Al Mohler (Pres., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) affirms systemic racism which is a tenant of and resulting understanding from Critical Race Theory (CRT) (6/24/2020)

J.D. Greear (Pres., SBC) elevates Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement and phrase to gospel-level importance: “Southern Baptists, we need to say it clearly: As a gospel issue, black lives matter.” (6/10/2020)

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS) Fires “Conservative” Professors; claims seminary is teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT), postmodernism, and other problematic views (5/2020) Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

First Baptist Church Naples Controversy Around Not Hiring “Woke” Pastor; members disfellowshipped for speaking out (11/2019)

Resolution 9, Affirming Critical Race Theory, adopted by the Southern Baptist Convention (6/2019)

North American Mission Board (NAMB) revealed to have spent at least $230,000+ lobbying congress; reasoning unclear (10/18/2018)

North American Mission Board (NAMB) produces problematic video curriculum to encourage “pastors and churches [to] bridge the racial divide in their communities” (6/19/2018)

David Platt, president of International Mission Board (IMB), repents of racism at Together For The Gospel 2018 Conference (4/2018)

Ethics And Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) hosts MLK50 event including “woke” speakers such as Russell Moore (ERLC President), Charlie Dates (Progressive Baptist Church, Chicago, IL), Jackie Hill Perry (Poet), Eric Mason (Author, Woke Church), and Matt Chandler (Acts 29 Ministries, The Village Church, Flower mound, TX) . (4/4/2018)

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