Youth Christmas Party

One-Eighty Youth Christmas Party

A free event for 6th-12th graders on December 18th 6-8pm. There will be several contests, fun activities, and games. Invite your friends and come hang out!

Christmas Sweater contest

Christmas parties are best when wearing Christmas sweaters. Whether your sweater is sweet, creative, ugly, or just oozes Christmas spirit, wear it to our party and compete for the prize! Of course, if you have a truly hideous Christmas sweater, you’ll be a shoe-in to win.

Cookie Decorating Contest

Come decorate cookies (all materials provided). Best cookie wins a prize!

White Elephant Gift Exchange

Bring a silly, fun, or unique gift wrapped up to play “White Elephant” with. Not sure what white elephant is? See the rules here. We’ll have fun as we open gifts, laugh or appreciate the contents, and attempt to walk away with the prize you most want. If possible, bring a gift that you know someone may want.


There will be holiday themed games, hot chocolate, cookies, Christmas music, and more. Attend the party to see all that is happening!

If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Josh at

The best way to spread Christmas cheer
Is inviting your friends to 180 Christmas this year.
For you never know what may be in store,
Like walking away with smiles, laughs, and gifts galore.

The first 24 to walk through the door get a special gift from us!