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Mt. Zion’s 2015 Spring Conference will focus on evangelism.  During the three day conference (April 17-19) we’ll be challenged and encouraged to share our faith.  During each of the four sessions Dr. Tom Johnston will be challenging us from scripture on the topic of evangelism.

Question: What must be sown in the hearts of believers to prompt them to share their faith?

Answer: We must have a sense of:

  • Urgency, because delay due to personal fear or discomfort must not keep us from sowing
  • Priority, because distraction by other good things must not keep us from sowing
  • Dependency, because God is the One who gives the increase from our sowing

Conference Schedule

Sowing Urgency
Friday, April 17th – 7pm (free meal at 6pm)
Sowing Priority
Saturday, April 18th – 7pm (free meal at 6pm)
Sowing Dependency
Sunday Morning, April 19th – 8:30 & 11:00

Dr. Johnston serves as professor of evangelism and as the director of the Midwestern Evangelistic Teams at Midwestern.  Born in Paris, France, to missionary parents, Dr. Johnston’s has a heart for missions and evangelism.  Dr. Johnston is married to Raschelle. They have three children and one grandchild. – See more at:

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